the goal of life     


: the end toward which effort is directed : AIM

the primary goal of any entity or lifeform is its own survival

the survival of any lifeform is dependant on the survival
of other lifeforms (within and outside its own species) and other
entities in its environment. lifeforms need a food supply
as an energy source, so lifeforms such as animals are
dependant on the success of other animals or living things.
(mammals are animals and mammals are we
(however, there are religions that say we are not)).

the success of all life is dependant on the condition and survival
of its environment. therefore built within the primary goal of the
individual is a concern for  its own personal welfare, 
but the welfare and success of almost everything around it.


 the goal of life may not be the same as the reason for life


Scientology: The Goal of Life