A hypothesis
of all as one

 An idea
of Universe

 Understanding the universe
as a single entity

Theory at this level creates philosophies of why we are

u n i v e r s e
The harmony and interaction of every individual entity which culminates as reality, ultimate understanding and synergy to the highest power
(the entelechy of the universe)

the natural harmony of every entity and its beliefs, identity and individualism

Universe encompasses the beliefs, energy and philosophy of every object, organism, animal, species, culture, race, etc- universe can exclude nothing 

It is everything & everybody
everything has an effect on everything else cause everything is interconnected by design

the only rule is that there ultimately can be no rules

Main Entry: uni·verse Latin universum, from neuter of universus entire, whole, from uni- Date: 1589 1 : the whole body of things and phenomena observed or postulated :COSMOS: as a : a systematic whole held to arise by and persist through the direct intervention of divine power  b : the world of human experience  c (1) : the entire celestial cosmos (2) : MILKY WAY GALAXY  (3) : an aggregate of stars comparable to the Milky Way galaxy (3) : an aggregate of stars comparable to the Milky Way galaxy 2 : a distinct field or province of thought or reality that forms a closed system or self-inclusive and independent organization
Main Entry: 
cos·mos  Greek kosmos Date: 1650 1 a (1) : an orderly harmonious systematic universe — compare CHAOS  (2) : ORDER, HARMONY  b : UNIVERSE 1 2 : a complex orderly self-inclusive system

“a keen observation shows that the whole universe is a single mechanism working by the The Law of Rhythm”
by Hazrat Inyat Khan From The Music of Life pp.10-14.


the big 4 origins
universe the big bang theory
sun & earth  galaxy star formation
life rna

if “life” or the mechanism that initially creates life survives and passes thru singularity and between universes, then the above would have to be adjusted (especially if that which is ultimately responsible for life is that which created itself in the very, very beginning in the very first place):
life (life mechanism)
sun & earth ecosystem (
and life’s introduction to this system)  

always unorganized thoughts & work in progress-

we do not know yet if the universe is everything, but probably have the capability of knowing the universe cause we can examine the physical universe we are a part of. we may never have the capability to examine or observe outside of our physics (universe), and if we do it may not be in any kind of human or life form that we are aware of now. (i have an idea that consciousness will have evolved to survive on a “purer” energy (ie atoms or other kinds of energy not yet observed in space or dimension). this life or entity of existence may have the capability to move at the speed of light cause it would be a consciousness that functions without a physical body as we know it. and if it did not normally die (say unless its energy source or “food” ran out), it could exist for eons and eventually accumaulate the experience and knowledge of everything in the universe. 

“will come from science based on the things that
will make our species (and the universe) successful” 08/03/02 4:03pm

“universe” may have to be adjusted to mean “all that which is within our physics” as more and more im placing my faith in there being more than one universe, be them simultaneous or sequential.  multiuniverse, multiverse, 20031111

im thinking that harmony & synchronization maybe a facade for describing reality and its inevitable outcome. no need to “make a story” out of reality to describe it. we can deal directly with the reality, whatever we do is what we were suppose to do. 20021026

discovering norman spencer

the universe has an entelechy, this is the synergy of the highest power.

all text below this was part of the very first page of theory of universe when it was still called thesisUniverse (1998?). the ideas still stand on their own 5+ years later. i can even see parts of it are very key points in my philosophy today which i didnt come to till years after i wrote this. 20031128

no faith, loyalty or dedication to UNIVERSE or to the UNIVERSE needed, only to self and what one believes. a natural understanding of UNIVERSE will develop which accomplishes a  “synchronization” harmony and succesfull existence

the universe is “big” enough to include enough possibilities that a situation exists  for every belief  to come together as one and be successful as a whole…

diversty is not just tolerated, it is celebrated. the understanding of the “differences” and perspectives from the many different worldviews adds to the insight and knowledge of the whole- (it provides added energy to the funk)

the reason life is successful is because of its vast diversity, this helps to ensure survival of life under many kinds of conditions that may occur in an environment

everything has a rhythm with every other individual thing and with everything as a whole…this rhythm/(harmony)synchronization  can be seen with understanding

it is the understanding of the existence of everything as one single thing-

that everything in the universe is related to everything else in the universe (since the amount of energy and matter in the universe is finite, any matter or energy used effects the whole)

not a religion, not necessarily a way of life, not rules to live by…more of a development of a natural understanding-

the understanding is dynamic, it grows as knowledge grows

UNIVERSE is the sum of all energy and  matter that has or will ever exist within our physics.

idealogy, technology and moral standard will come from science based on the things that will make our species (and the universe) successful.


thesisUNIVERSE: intro

why we are,
we need to
what we are
in relation to
else in
the universe

neutrino is a particle so small that it can pass through you, then through the earth and not touch or interact with anything…MAN vs TIMEthe universe is 15-20 billion years old. the earliest genus of hominids (man-like, upright walking primates) came from a more distant ancestor between 5 and 8 million yearsago. 8 million is .0004% of 20 billion. so if the universe were a 3 hr movie, man’s part would start with 4.32 seconds left…
EARTH vs UNIVERSE the earth revolves around a smallish ordinary star, the sun. the sun has a diameter of 1.39 million kilometers or 860,000 miles and is 100 times bigger than the earth. the sun is one of 100 billion stars in the milky way galaxy. from what we see of the universe, there are 100 billion galaxies, each made up of about 100 billion stars… (one star, R Doradus, has a diameter 370 times the Sun) ENERGY and DISTANCE
imagine a firecracker exploding…POW!
flash and explosion…now imagine a
firecracker so big that the explosion lasts
for hundreds of years. imagine a explosion that happened so far away that it took 167,000 years for the light (at 186,000 miles a second) to get to us to see it. a SUPER NOVA is what happens to stars that are roughly 100 times bigger than our sun.

this much of the universe we are conscious of with our 5 senses and
all our instuments and tools. it is estimated that there is 10 to 20 times
more stuff (dark matter) that we can’t even detect!

Copernicus and Galileo
were condemned
for suggesting that the earth was not the center of the universe…

my faith, beliefs and “religion” are based in developing man’s understanding of life and the universe
-from my AOL profile

the above quote should pretty much summarize all the information used here- my ideas are based on principles which i feel are “widely accepted” by man… ofcourse, since this forum is primarily controlled by me and my prejudices, objectivity will waiver at times. the perfect example is that i won’t argue the technical definition of what is “widely accepted” unless otherwise forced to- and that leads me to my next point… 

a key to this forum will be outside input. i believe in total informationexchange and i crave critism! i scream for scruntiny!  so PLEASE E-Mail Me if you find any of the following-

  • mis-information, mis-quotes

  • incorrectly used laws or principles

  • any enhancements that will improve ths forum

  • additional information that would be useful

  • any relevant websites, discussions, mailing lists, TV shows, etc

i also will use information and data from experiments from outside sources to form my own ideas and conclusions. a lot of research has been done by respected experts in their individual fields that goes into the collective pool of man’s knowledge…

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