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man’s greatest contribution to life, consciousness,
may be the greatest contribution to life 20030619

has been revised to

life’s greatest gift, consciousness, was given to man 20031203

man evolved from a very basic lifeform. man is the product of billions
of years of evolution. all life, from the first single cell organisms to the first
creature to walk on land, helped in creating what homo sapiens sapiens (man) is today.

the first bacteria, the first primate, all life is part of our evolution. it is the survival and adaptability thru the “trial and error” processes of evolution that produced the strongest, fittest and best organisms. at every stage of life organisms acquired some of the capabilities and strengths that we depend on today. 

man is the zenith of the earth & sun’s grandest project. and we had a lot of help from other living creatures to get here.

mankind is life’s most evolved and highest form
man is life’s, the sun and the earth’s grandest achievement

we have an “obligation” to every life form, to the earth and to the sun
because we are the zenith of their project life and the creation and/or development thereof

the success of man in the long term (millions of years) is effected by what we do today. man is a relatively young species. think of what man will be in 1 million years, a billion years? look at what he has done and how he has grown over the last 4,000 years, 1 million is 250 4,000’s…

man evolved from animal, man became conscious. emotion is being conscious of  feelings. emotion is  the affective aspect of consciousness feeling

sex is for procreating the species, all animals have sex.
man associated love with sex. “sex is better when your in love”
walking down the street is better when your in love. in fact, everything is.
man connected marriage to love. only 3% of mammals are monogamous

things man developed or created with the tool of consciousness;  love, communication, war, pornography, masturbation, religion, philosophy, science, education, memory, history, imagination, creativity, science, complex systems, writing, reading, documenting, music, dance, sport, murder, government, comedy, laughter, art, technology, birth control-  20031203 racism, money, commerce 20031204 

first walked erect, more than four million years ago

For two million years, the early hominid was a herd/tribal animal,
primarily a herd herbivore. During the next two million years the human was a tribal hunter/warrior. He still is

All of the human’s social drives developed long before he developed
intellectually. They are, therefore, instinctive. Such instincts as  mother- love, compassion, cooperation, curiosity, inventiveness and competitiveness are ancient and embedded in the human.

common ancestor to both ape and human, but it is believed to be about 5.5 million years ago.

The facial characteristics of modern man are about 100,000 years old.
The faces of earlier hominid were much more apelike.

Genetic evidence suggests that Human population size fell to about 10,000 adults between 50 and 100 thousand years ago. Survivors… mainly in Equatorial Africa.

Toba may have caused Modern Races to differentiate abruptly
only 70,000 years ago, rather than gradually over 0ne million years.

An archetype is an unlearned tendency to experience things in a certain way.

Sex and the life instincts in general are, of course, represented somewhere in Jung’s system. They are a part of an archetype called theshadow- It is the “dark side” of the ego, and the evil that we are capable of is often stored there. Actually, the shadow is amoral — neither good nor bad, just like animals. An animal is capable of tender care for its young and vicious killing for food, but it doesn’t choose to do either. It just does what it does. It is “innocent.” But from our human perspective, the animal world looks rather brutal, inhuman, so the shadow becomes something of a garbage can for the parts of ourselves that we can’t quite admit to.