Origin: thesisUNIVERSE: the big bang

“The Big Bang model that attempts to explain the origin and structure of the universe incorporates the talents of many individuals through the course of more than 150 years of study.”

i believe the big bang theory and model for the creation of the universe is mankind’s best answer to the ultimate question of origin. i believe the big bang model may not have all the pieces and there may be gaps, but overall the concept and idea is very plausible. also this theory has been tried and tested by hundreds of scientists and others and still stands as our best guess at the ultimate origin.

we do not know what caused the big bang.

my idea of the big bang is that of an explosion type event. something happened to release a very large amount of energy (from our perspective). there was a large amount of heat and energy and everything in a small area, at a very high density. with the release of this energy came expansion and cooling. as the universe cooled and became less dense, distinct parts and energies formed and were able to separate. the four forces (strong, weak, electromagnetic, gravity) were created. elementary particles combined into bigger complex systems and these atoms into the elements which make up everything we know and see. 

the size and age we predict of the universe (12-20 billion years) is determined from the expansion of the universe. all the galaxies and everything we see seems to be flying away from each other. the expansion is equal in every direction. from this we deduce that at one point everything was closer together if not completely together. we can backward plot the expansion by reversing it conceptually to see where the beginning might have been.

its as if we are inside a huge explosion. an “explosion” so big and huge it lasts for billions of years, which is a long time from our perspective. but if we were “bigger,” say we were on a scale to perceive the universe as if it was a single cell in our body, a billion years would be nothing to us. at some level of scale, the earth circling the sun a billion times would seem to happen almost instantly. just as we observe electrons orbiting the nucleus billions of times a second, each one of these orbits would be an “earth year.”

all that said to explain that the universe as we know it could be an active reaction, process or explosion type event inside which we are existing.

i am also very very interested in that which can survive singularity. that which can survive passing thru a black hole. i believe that black hole type objects exchange energy or matter (not as we know it) with other universes.  these very dense singularities could resemble what is perceived to be the initial conditions for the big bang.

maybe the universe is a single cell in a bigger organism or entity and has a function and/or supplies other cells (other universes) or the bigger organism with processed energy or matter.

maybe the universe is one of many “cells” that process matter as we know it into a form of energy and transfers this energy to another cell (universe) via black hole type objects. may 25, 2003

i have no reason to believe our universe is unique

im leaning towards a multiple universe scenario. be them a “single” continuously expanding and collapsing  (consecutive/ sequential) universe or a multiple universe scenario (simultaneous/ parallel universes as foam bubbles).  in both of these scenarios universes the universes  exchange energy/ matter (maybe not as we know it) via black hole singularity type objects


 from the moment i heard it, i have been intrigued by
the idea that in the very very beginning,
something had to create itself.

so we are living within the physics of the big bang and all that is within our physics is our universe. i have no reason to believe that this is the only universe or that this universe is unique.

but what “contains” these universes (or this universe) is something i cannot explain yet. i may believe that it is our way of thinking based on the physics we live in that everything has a begining and an end, front & back, up & down, etc. that if you can distinguish between 2 seperate objects then a 3rd object must exist. (even if you as the observer is not considered). what an object is contained in is a necesary part of our physics and the way we understand things to work. i say this to point out that the universe could be infinite and self contained.

considering all that is within our physics as being one is a theory of universe. we do not know for sure (we have faith based on our limited evidence and experience) that most of the universe we see operates as does our physics. but we do not know for sure. 20031111

all that is within our universe

in a multiple universe scenario (continuous/sequential or parallel/ simultaneous, surviving singularity means energy/matter can be transferred between universes. 20030404